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  • ceramic vase and dish with peacock feather design and black fibre reeds. Next to a square box with Essence of Hartland stamped on the front.Ceramic diffuser vase with peacock feather design containing black fibre reeds and sat on a ceramic dish. A glass bottle of Awaken diffuser refill on the left hand side just next to some antique books

    Ceramic Diffuser and Plate Set

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  • Card box with Essence of Hartland stamped in the middle and a printed belly band with Seasons Collection written on it. In front are 4 glass diffuser bottles unopened; each with a label; Spring, Bloom, Autumn Walk and Winter. In front are black fibre reeds.Rustic wooden chest of drawers with oil painting of Blackpool Mill Cottage in Hartland on a small wooden easel on top with dried flowers behind. In the middle a lit candle labelled Spring and some dried lavender laid out on the right hand side.

    Seasons Gift Set

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