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Landscape photo of the founder Joe Brady, wearing a flat cap, a checkered shirt. Sat just in front of 3 products; a lit Bloom candle, Winter diffuser and Spring diffuser.

The Beginning

In 2019 we decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life and setup a new home on the beautiful rugged North Devon coast. We chose the coastal village of Hartland. Who wouldn’t want to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty?

After removing the shackles of city life we went about creating our first ever home fragrance using essential oils.  It has always been a passion to create something unique and natural from scratch. We wanted to understand every ingredient that goes into a product, and be confident enough to use it ourselves and maybe even sell to other people.

Hartland Lighthouse with a view out to sea.

Local Support

From the kitchen table we produced our first batch of essential oil reed diffusers and approached a few local businesses in and around Hartland if they would stock them; they said YES! With that encouragement and boost of confidence we then took our journey further and began trading at many North Devon and Cornish markets and large scale events. The response and customer loyalty was overwhelming and has enabled us to expand our product offerings.

Our Collaborators

We had no idea we lived in such a diverse and creative community; it has enabled us to discover some amazing hidden talents and we have tried to incorporate this into some of our products. From local artists such as Clive Brocklehurst; whose watercolour ‘A Hartland Winter Scene’, features on our Winter products. Lydia Summerdaze Duncan, whose incredible ink block print appears on our Winter Scented Paper; to Sarah Jane Lander, a talented ceramicist who created our bespoke Diffuser Vase, Plate and Tea Light Holders.

Of Course we mustn’t forget our youngest artist; Willow Curnow, who at the age of 7 won our first ever art competition to have her artwork on our Spring products. We think our collaborations add a special uniqueness and quality to our products. We continue to discover amazing talent not just within Hartland but across the South West.

We look forward to sharing more in the future

painting by Willow Curnow depicting Hartland Peninsula. A dolphin is swimming on the bottom right hand side, someone is sailing a small boat in the middle. The cliffs are green with sheep grazing on top.
Panoramic view of the beach at Hartland Quay. A view of Bear Rock which is pointed. A group of people are standing on the beach in the background just below the cliffs. The image is mainly blue in tone and atmospheric.


We are passionate and considerate of the unique biodiversity of the Hartland Peninsula, which is why all packaging and ingredients are sourced from local businesses and where possible recyclable and plastics kept to a minimum.

Just like everyone else we order things from the internet, and like everyone else we find some of the packaging unnecessary. However, ‘one man’s rubbish’, as the saying goes. From time to time you will find bubble wrap or air cushions keeping your purchases safe, all of which have been salvaged and reused and hope you will too. For most of your purchases we use shredded coffee cups and all orders are posted in Kraft boxes. All of which can be fully recycled.

Wondering what to do with the rest of the packaging? All our products are made with or are packaged in recyclable and/or reusable materials. Have a browse through our product pages to find out more.

A group of aluminium bottles containing different essential oils. In the foreground 4 different sized glass measuring jugs each containing a different essential oil

Our Suppliers

We are proud to work closely with our supplier ‘Pearl Natural Oils’, who are based in Somerset, and share the same passion for ingredients that are  pure, safe and free of chemicals.

For our printing needs we work with Jamaica Press, who were originally based in Hartland.

By limiting the journey our ingredients and packaging means we are able to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We will always continue to find ways to reduce this as well as find innovative ways to package and post to you

Made in Britain

We pride ourselves on being accredited by Made in Britain.

We source ingredients and materials from British businesses, and work closely with local artists and makers.