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  • A glass diffuser bottle of Autumn Walk with black fibre reeds, in the middle the diffuser box packaging detailing the name of the product and image of Bear Rock and moody Hartland Quay beach scene.Glass diffuser bottle labelled Autumn Walk with black fibre reeds. Sat between some acorns and cones and an amber vase containing pheasant feathers.

    Autumn Walk Diffuser

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  • Glass diffuser refill bottle labelled Autumn Walk.Autumn Walk diffuser outside amongst a mossy tree and fern leaves.

    Autumn Walk Diffuser Refill

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  • Card box with Essence of Hartland stamped in the middle and a printed belly band with Seasons Collection written on it. In front are 4 glass diffuser bottles unopened; each with a label; Spring, Bloom, Autumn Walk and Winter. In front are black fibre reeds.Rustic wooden chest of drawers with oil painting of Blackpool Mill Cottage in Hartland on a small wooden easel on top with dried flowers behind. In the middle a lit candle labelled Spring and some dried lavender laid out on the right hand side.

    Seasons Gift Set

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